Kusuguri Paradox[English ver.]

Kusuguri Paradox[English ver.]

2024年5月18日発売、サークル「宇宙コアラ」制作の「Kusuguri Paradox[English ver.]」の最新ダウンロード情報です。



Kusuguri Paradox[English ver.]
Kusuguri Paradox[English ver.]
Kusuguri Paradox[English ver.]


◆A Girl Who Cannot Resist Is Forced to be a Tickle Toy at an Underground Tickling Show

Aoi, a high school girl with a passion for volleyball, saves a woman from a group of men one day out of a sense of justice.
Aoi is asked to perform in a ‘show’ on the woman’s behalf, but doesn’t know that this is a trap the men set just for her.

Aoi is tied up, forced to stand with her arms above her head and her legs spread wide open, before being taken out in front of a large audience.
What began was an ‘underground tickling show.’
Surrounded by three men, Aoi had no means to defend herself as they tickled her body, leaving her no choice but to writhe wildly, laugh, and cry.

Aoi desperately tries to maintain her composure, but her sensitive armpits, soles of her feet, and nipples are relentlessly targeted, until soon enough…

◆PNGs are available for viewing on both smartphones and PCs.
◆10-page monthly serializations on FANBOX have been compiled into a single package.
◆Translated by a native English speaker.

[Content Preview]
One woman being tickled by multiple men
Tickling of armpits
Tickling of soles of bare feet
Tickling the waist and belly
Tickling the navel
Aoi wears a micro bikini while restrained in a banzai position, with a change in restraints in the second half
Aoi is covered in tickling lotion by brushes
Aoi has a vibrator pressed against her crotch
Aoi is forced to wear a ball gag, and is tickled by a group
Aoi’s nipples are tickled by having special toys attached to them
Aoi’s nipples are tickled by brushes
Aoi is blindfolded and tickled all over her body with brushes
A finger is inserted into Aoi’s vagina to tickle her G-spot
Aoi repeatedly orgasms from being tickled.

Climax scenes are linked to tickling. There is insertion of fingers, but no penetration of male genitalia.

Aoi Shinada
161cm/49kg (5′ 3″/108lbs)
B86(E cup)-57-85

A high school girl who lives alone in Tokyo on a special volleyball scholarship.
Because of her self-confidence and strong sense of justice, she cannot walk away from a woman being accosted by a group of men and comes to her rescue. However, this turns out to be a trap.
Aoi is forced to change into an indecent micro bikini and star in a certain underground show.

Normally not very ticklish, she has been restrained in a way that leaves her weak spots completely unprotected, and her entire body has been coated with an aphrodisiac, making her completely vulnerable to tickling. She is particularly ticklish on her armpits, soles of her feet, and nipples.
Headstrong and proud, she is not the type to burst out into laughter, so she feels intense shame at being forced to laugh uncontrollably in front of an audience.


配信開始日2024/05/18 16:00
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